Consular fee €22.50 – per document

Commissioner for oath fee €12.00 per person signing per document.  

The legalisation service is an easy service for documents such as SPA’s (Special Power of Attorney), affidavits or other documents for use in the Philippines. You do not have to go to a Solicitor or Notary, Consul Garrett will Notaries / process your document quickly. For legal documents (e.g. affidavits, Special Power of Attorney SPA, Contracts {excluding employment contracts}, etc.) executed outside the Philippines to have legal force and effect in the Philippines, these documents require consularisation by the Philippine Consulate. The Consulate acknowledges a legal document that is signed by the executor in the presence of a the Consul. The document is issued with a seal of the Consulate. The Consulate notarizes affidavits signed by affiants in the presence of the Consul. The jurat or notarial attestation is stamped on the document itself.  

Note: For employment contract please make contact with the Philippine Labour Office London – POLO London.  

REQUIREMENTS: You are required to bring the original document you wish to be notarised/legalised (such as SPA, Affidavit etc…, templates are below) and a photocopy of the original documents along with, an original form of identification such as Passport or Drivers Licence the cost per copy is €32.50 (additional fees apply).

Photocopying is charged at 50 cent per page.

Identification and Personal Appearance

1.     Personal appearance of ALL signing the document (this includes the spouse when spousal consent is included in the document).

2.     Original valid photo identification such as passport, drivers licence, PRC Card of ALL signing the document. NOTE: Irish IRP Card and Public Service card’s are not identification cards.

3.     Original and TWO photocopies of each presented identification, one to be retained by the Consulate.

4.     TWO copies of the document to be notarised, one to be notarised and one to be retained by the Consulate.

Number of Documents/ Copies Required By Applicant Original Identification Required Photocopies of Presented Identification
 (Per Person) Required:
One Yes 2 2
Two Yes 3 3
Three Yes 4 4
Four Yes 5 5
Five Yes 6 6
Six Yes 7 7
Seven Yes 8 8
Eight Yes 9 9
Nine Yes 10 10

This service is offered by appointment only.

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