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For Passport Renewal and Dual Citizenship Queries please visit the Philippine Embassy London website:

Passport Renewal in Dublin

VFS Global is the exclusive service provider, authorized to ePassport Renewal services to Filipinos in Ireland.


The processing centre are open to serve the public from Monday to Friday, by appointment only.

The Processing Centre will accept straightforward ePassport renewal applications. Passport renewal applications for passports that are expired for two years or more; applications entailing changes on the applicant’s name, new passport applications, replacements of lost or damaged passports, and other complex passport applications will continue to be processed directly with the Philippine Embassy in London.

Appointments for the VFS ePassport Renewal Processing Centres can be booked through the following link:

 Dublin, Ireland –


VFS manage their own bookings system. We cannot offer any assistance or guidance regarding their booking system. If you are having difficulties or other queries related to their services, please contact VFS directly. Click the link:

If you do not meet the VFS requirements:

First Time Passport Applicants, applicant with passports expired more than two years, those with lost or damaged passports or others that do not meet the requirements of VFS will have to wait for a passport outreach mission by the Philippine Embassy London in order to apply or renew their Philippine passport. The only alternative is to apply for a (one way only) Emergency Travel Document from the Philippine Consulate Dublin and return to the Philippine and apply for a new passport there. See Emergency Travel Document under Consular Services.

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