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Passport Validity Extension – Philippine Consulate Dublin
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– Price €27.50  

Expired Passports – please see the Passport Renewal Options in Ireland under Consular Services.

Second Passport Extension or Passport Re-Extension please can only be processed by the Philippine Embassy London. Please contact them directly for this service: 

Passport Valid But Expiring Soon

Application for Passport Extension:

Step 1.) Apply for passport extension clearance: This is done by completing the application form here PASSPORT EXTENSION REGISTRATION.

Step 2.) Once submitted you can either wait for confirmation of your pre-approval or booked a pre-approved passport extension appointment for four weeks after the date of submitting your application form. If you book closer than four weeks following your the submission of your application and clearance was not granted you will lose your appointment, no extension will be given and you will have to rebook on another date.

Note: Your passport needs to be valid on the day of your appointment.

Step 3.) Personally appearance in the Consulate at your appointment time to drop your passport and the requirements below for your passport extension. (You the option to collect it on the same day normally at approximately 4.00pm)

1. Personal Appearance – DROP OFF ONLY
2. Approved Appointment (Four weeks from date of application or with Pre – Approved Email)
3. Completed Form – Click the link below and fill out the form. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK PLEASE!  If the reason for extension is blank the application will be rejected.
4. ORIGINAL PASSPORT (please remove any cover/holder)
5. One (1) photocopy of passport data page
6. If not being collected in person, please provide a padded envelope with registered post label (purchased online only) (please buy online and paste it in the envelope)
***Guidelines in purchasing the stamp online***
– click this link
– Choose a small packet and click continue
– Choose up to 100g for the packet weight and click continue
– Click the 8.20 euro (with tracking number)
– Buy the label and type in your complete details
– Describe what you are sending, review and confirm your details
– Proceed with payment
– After the completion of payment it will give you a label that you can print and you can paste it in your envelope

OPTIONAL: You can collect your passport at 4.00pm the same day if you do not wish to have it posted via An Post. Please check with the staff on the day to ensure this is available.

Important Note:
Please be informed that the first passport extension is for one (1) year only and it will start from the day it is stamped in your passport. For example, if you applied on DEC 5, 2022 the new expiry date on your passport will be DEC 4, 2023

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