Education, Culture and Arts Officer

Aina has been a great addition to our team. Apart from efficiently answering queries on the Consulate Hotline 24/7, and heading the recent successful Jan outreach in Dublin, Aina is also a well-respected leader in the Filipino-Irish Community. She was the Vice-President and now President of the Kildare Filipino Community since 2018. KFC is one of the biggest and most active organisations in Ireland. She played a key role in letting the KFC Youth Dance Group win the 2020 National Multicultural competition in Dublin in 2019, qualifying them to compete at the World IDF Dance competion in Spain this May. She also organised various cultural performances that received national recognition for the past three years. Aina is also an Officer of the Council of Leaders since 2018. She was the parent council secretary for 3 years in Caragh National School. A proud Visayan from the Philippines, Aina met her Kildare born husband Alistair while they were both teaching English in Wuhan, China. They got married and moved to Alistair’s hometown in Kildare in 2004 and are now running an Accountancy firm.

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