Philippines Consul Mark Christopher Congdon with President Michael D Higgins


The President of Ireland Micheal D. Higgins met with the Honorary Consul to the Philippines, Mark Christopher Congdon, Philippine Consulate Director of Operations, Raymond Garrett and Philippine Consulate Consular Officer, Donna Bersola to discuss the impact the Typhoon Haiyan has had on the people of the Philippines.

“This is a dreadful tragedy. President Aquino has described it as a calamity, which it is.

“And of course the great challenge will be delivering the necessary shelter, the necessary health guarantees in relation to clean water and food, and equipment to areas that are the most inaccessible,” he said.

“We must all do whatever is possible to try and bring relief quickly.

“At this time everyone’s thoughts and prayers and concerns should be with the Filipino people at home and abroad.”

More than 100 tonnes of Irish Aid emergency shelter supplies, including tents, blankets and tarpaulins, will arrive today in the Philippines.

The airlift, valued at €510,000 and which contains 599 tents, 700 tarpaulins, 10,000 blankets and 880 ropes, was sent from stocks in the UN Humanitarian Depot in Dubai.

Source: Irish Independent