In response to the Guardian article dated 2nd November 2015.


Article source:



“Trafficked migrant workers abused in Irish fishing industry” 



This article highlights allegations of both trafficking and abuse of Filipino nationals.

The Philippine Consulate, Dublin takes these allegations extremely seriously and would strongly encourage and support  the entire Filipino community to be highly vigilant and immediately report all suspected cases of abuse or trafficking in any situation to the Philippine Consulate, Dublin. 

The Philippine Consulate, Dublin has to date only received one request for assistance from a Filipino fisherman in a partially similar situation as that described in the Guardian article, when the Consulate was made aware of this, repatriation was immediately organised while despite dispute of contract and liability by certain parties involved,  we worked expeditiously and successfully to insure all outstanding remuneration and all costs to repatriate the fisherman were entirely paid by his former employers all be it was settled without any admission of liability by the particular employer. 


Further to this case in 2013 no complaints of this nature have since been brought to the attention of the Consulate. It should be noted that we have worked on several cases of repatriation of Filipino Fishermen since 2013 but for various different reasons including the loss of a boat at sea, but certainly not related to similar issues arising from the Guardian Article.


The Philippine Consulate, Dublin would like to remind all Filipino nationals that we are here 24 hour a day to offer assistance to all Filipino nationals in distress. We strongly encourage any Filipino national in distress to make contact with the Philippine Consulate, Dublin in complete confidentiality. 

Our 24 hour emergency assistance to nationals number is: +353 1  437 6206



Mabuhay at salamat.



Mark Congdon

Honorary Consul of the Philippines in Ireland.