Please note that the Consulate cannot authenticate documents issued in the Philippines,

this can only be done by the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Philippines.


Original NSO certificates can be seen and noted by the Consul, please note other birth certificates such as city registrar birth certificates cannot be seen and noted. Other documents such as letters of employment or employment contracts can be seen and noted by the Consul.

When a document has been seen and noted a certificate signed by the Consul with the Consulate seal and a red ribbon will be issued.

The fee for this service is €22.50 for each document to be seen and noted. In the past the Irish registrar has accepted NSO certificates seen and noted by the Consul in lieu of an authenticated copy of the NSO certificate.

Appointments are not given for standard seen and noted services.

How to apply?

The applicant must be made by post, applicants should enclose the following requirements when sending the document to the Philippine Consulate to be seen and noted:

  1. A note detailing the service required and the applicant’s contact information (name, address and telephone number).
  2. A clear photocopy of the data page of the applicant valid passport or driver’s license.
  3. Seen and noted fee of €22.50 per document payable to the Philippine Consulate Dublin either in Irish postal money order or bank draft (cheques are not accepted); (Please note that this fee is per document).
  4. A registered self-addressed envelope. (Please fill out this envelope with your address and the Consulates address as the return address).



PLEASE  NOTE:- To insure an efficient service, documents will be returned by post only.