The Consulate would like to take this time to inform you that the Philippine Consulate in Dublin does not deal with passport related queries and all passport related queries should be directed to the Philippine Embassy in London.


6-8 Suffolk Street,


Telephone:            00 44 20 7451 1780

Fax:                        00 44 20 7930 9787


Passport Outreach Programs

The Philippine Embassy in London conducts regular Passport Outreach programs in Dublin to facilitate the renewing of Philippine Passports. Details of the Passport Outreach schedule can be found on both the Philippine Consulate in Dublin website and the Philippine Embassy in London website.


Applications for slots in Passport Outreach are made directly to the Philippine Embassy in London and not the Philippine Consulate in Dublin. Requests for slots.


Emergency travel document for immediate and urgent travel to the Philippines

Philippine nationals in Ireland who have an expired Philippine passport or who have lost their Philippine passport and cannot wait for the issuance of a replacement passport can apply for an emergency travel document that is valid for one-way direct travel to the Philippines. This emergency travel document cannot be used for travel outside of the Philippines, and a new passport must be applied for in the Philippines. An emergency travel document will ONLY be issued in emergency cases such as death or serious illness (documentation will be required) and not to simply facilitate a holiday or previously booked flight. Processing times for emergency travel documents vary from applicant to applicant and no flights should be booked until contact is made with the Consulate.

Persons in need of an emergency travel document must contact the Philippine Consulate by email: or on the Consulate Emergency number.


In extreme emergencies please make contact via the Consulate EMERGENCY number found on the contact page, please note none emergencies will not be dealt with on this emergency number.


Should you have specific questions that have not been answered in the information above please visit or email: