General Information on the Legalisation of Documents

All documents for legalisation by the Philippine Consulate in Dublin must first be authenticated / apostilled by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in some cases the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade may require the document to certified by a practicing Solicitor in Ireland, a practicing Commissioner of Oaths in Ireland or a Notary Public in Ireland before they can authenticate it.   

 The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade can authenticate / apostille the following documents which have been issued in Ireland:[1]

  • Powers of attorney affidavit,  and other notarial acts that have been signed by a practising Irish Solicitor, Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public in Ireland such as:
    • Special power of attorney affidavit,
    • Parental travel permit affidavit,
    • Affidavit
    • Affidavit of support and consent to travel and special power of attorney
    • Affidavit of lost passport
    • Parental travel permit
    • Affidavits of request for wavier of exclusion grounds
  • Original certificates issued in Ireland (eg birth, marriage, death).
  • Irish Court documents
  • Company documents issued by the Companies Registration Office in Ireland
  • Documents signed by the Chambers of Commerce in Ireland
  • Educational certificates and qualifications recognised by the Department of Education
  • Medical reports signed by a doctor who is registered with the Medical Council of Ireland
  • Garda Clearance letters (they must be issued from the Superintendent’s Office of the Garda station where you last lived in Ireland and bear an original stamp and signature of the Garda Siochána).
  • PhotocopiesThe Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade can Authenticate\Apostille photocopies of certain types of documents provided they have been certified by a practicing Irish Solicitor, a practicing Irish Peace Commissioner or a Notary Public in Ireland. However, you should in the first instance confirm with the authority to whom you are presenting the document that a certified copy will be acceptable to them.  

 For further details of the Irish DFA services please visit the Irish DFA’s website. The Philippine Consulate in Dublin cannot give advice on the Irish DFA services.


Employment Contracts:

Employment contracts must first be verified by the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) in London prior to being authenticated by the Philippine Consulate in Dublin. For details on the verification process please visit the Philippine Overseas Labour Office section of the Philippine Embassy London website.


How to Apply

Person/s applying for the legalisation / authentication of documents to be used in the Philippines may do so by post.

All documents can be sent by post to:

Legalisation Section,
Philippine Consulate in Dublin,
39 Fitzwilliam Street Upper,
Dublin 2

Please note that the above address is not an attended by Consulate staff full time and callers to this address without an appointment will not be entertained.

Appointments are not given for standard legalisation services.



The applicant must also enclose the following requirements when sending the document to the Philippine Consulate for legalisation:

  • A note detailing the service required and the applicants contact information (name, address and telephone number).
  • A clear photocopy of the data page of the applicant’s valid passport or drivers license;
  • Notarial fee of €22.50 per document payable to the Philippine Consulate either in Irish postal money order or bank draft (personal cheques are not accepted); (Please note that this fee is per document or DFA authentication/apostille seal/stamp), documents cannot be processed without the payment of the correct fee. 
  • A registered self-addressed envelope. (Please fill out this envelope with your address and the Consulate as the return address).

 PLEASE  NOTE:- To insure an efficient service, documents will be returned by post only.

While the Consul and staff of the Philippine Consulate in Dublin work completely voluntarily, all Consulate staff are committed to achieving its business goal of processing and returning documents within one week with the available resources, however from time to time there can be unexpected delays or interruptions to this services.


Urgent Out of Hours Services

For extremely urgent documents applicants can apply for our urgent out of hours service. This service is strictly reserved for urgent cases and is offered when it is possible on a case by case basis.

An urgent out of hour’s services fee will apply; the charged is per document in addition to the standard notarial fee. This fee is to cover additional courier charges the Consulate incurs. Processing times of the urgent out of hour’s service will vary depending on the circumstances.

To apply for the urgent out of hours service please email: . The nature of the urgency should be detailed in the email along with contact details (name and telephone number). Please note that none urgent emails sent to this email address will not be replied to.