Please note that Civil Registration cannot be processed by the Honorary Consulate in Ireland and must be filed with the Philippine Embassy in London.


1. Recognition of Birth as Filipino citizen

Filipino children born in the Ireland at the time at least one of their parents was still a Filipino citizen are entitled to a Philippine passport. To apply for a Philippine passport, the birth of the child/children first have to be reported to the Philippine Embassy nearest to their place of residence. For information on the requirements, please see – Filipino children born of Filipino parents outside the Philippines.

2. Recognition of Marriage of Filipino citizen

Filipino citizens marrying outside the Philippines have to file a Report of Marriage at the Philippine Embassy nearest to their place of residence. The requirements are as follows:

  • A. Completed Report of Marriage form (to be submitted in triplicate)
  • B. Three 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm photos each of the applicant and spouse on white background taken within the last six months
  • C. Original and three (3) clear copies of marriage certificate
  • D. Three (3) clear copies each of the data page of the couple’s passports
  • E. Notarial fee of GBP18.00 (Note: There is an additional fee of GBP18.00 if registration is done one year after the marriage)

3. Report of Divorce

A Filipino citizen whose marriage has been dissolved through divorce has to file a Report of Divorce at the Philippine Embassy in London. Following are the requirements:

  • A. Original Divorce Decree Absolute
  • B. Processing fee of GBP18.00

Note: Divorce will only be recognised under Philippine law if the petitioner of the divorce is the foreign spouse.