Greetings from the Consular Section of the Philippine Honorary Consulate

The Philippine Honorary Consulate in Dublin strives to provide timely and efficient frontline services to approximately 12,000 Filipino nationals in the Republic of Ireland.

The Consular Section liaises closely with Irish authorities on consular and migration issues affecting the significant number of Filipinos in the Republic of Ireland.

As the frontline services division of the Consulate, the Consular Section organises dialogues and meetings with the Filipino Community in Ireland on matters which concern and interest the Filipino nationals in the Republic of Ireland.

Be assured that the Consular Section remains ready to respond to the frontline needs of the Filipino nationals in the Republic of Ireland.


Consular Responsibilities:

Attending to and protecting the interests of the Philippines throughout Ireland, preserving the unity and cooperation among members of Filipino communities while defending the rights of all Philippine citizens and promoting their welfare including:

  1. Promoting and expanding foreign trade, attracting foreign tourists and investments; 
  2. Studying the relations between the Philippines and Ireland, becoming acquainted with everything affecting the interests of the Philippines and which may be utilised for the development of Philippine commerce, industry, shipping, agriculture and economic conditions in general;
  3. Developing a market for Philippine products and disseminating factual information about Philippine political, economic, social and cultural development; 
  4. Performing such other functions and services as may be deemed appropriate and necessary in the furtherance of Philippine commercial interests abroad.


Consular Services

Please note: The Philippine Consulate in Dublin does NOT Process Passport or Dual Citizenship applications

While the Honorary Consul in NOT authorized to administer oaths or process passport applications, the consul is permitted to certify ship’s papers, authenticate documents executed by Philippine citizens and authenticate the validity of the documents Authenticated \ Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. These documents include:

  1. Issuing Authentications and/or Acknowledgements (with red ribbon and consular seal);
  2. Issuing 3 month, 6 month or 1 year non-immigrant visas to temporary visitors, those in transit, seamen and crew lists without prior authorization from the Secretary of Foreign Affairs;
  3. Issuing one-way Travel Documents (under special conditions) to Filipinos without passports.


Please note all other consular services are provided by the Philippine Embassy in London.


Maraming Salamat.