Tina Manipis

Consular Services Manager and Education, Culture & Arts Co-ordinator

Tina’s career spans the fields of theatre and television, the academe, and public service.

She started her long journey in the field of arts as a teenager as one of the foremost members of the Philippine Educational Theater Association or PETA. Tina was mentored and worked with the likes of Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, Lino Brocka, CB Garrucho, SoxieTopacio, Joel Lamangan, Mary Joan Fajardo, LutgardoLabad and Nanding Josef.She acted in television and films, including “Caregiver”; “Aishtemashu”, “Happy Together”, “Now and Forever”, “Krystala”, “HirayaManawari”, “Bayani” to name a few.

Now a senior member of this prestigious theatre organization, she is also a member of PETA’s Kalinangan Ensemble and Playwrights Development Program. Tina has always seen the potential of art in the healing process and with this, she has worked extensively with NGOs and the different sectors in the Philippines. With her years of training, she conductedTheater Arts and Advocacy Workshop for children, women, teens, adults, and teachers with regards to training needs of students and Special Children using the Creative Pedagogy that uses art as a healing process. She was one of the respondents to super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that devastated Tacloban, where she conducted psycho-debriefing workshops using creative arts processes on the survivors.

Alongside her career in theatre, Tina is also a recognized instructor in the academic community. She earned her Master of Arts in Philippine Studies at the University of the Philippines and Master of Arts in Education in Special Education or SPED in the same university. Currently, she is a PhD candidate major in Curriculum Studies.

Tina had been a member of the faculty of well-known schools in Metro Manila, including St. Theresa’s College, Poveda, Philippine High School for the Arts, and De la Salle University, Manila. She authored several Social Studies textbooks published by the Phoenix Publishing House. In 2013, she presented her research paper in the International Drama in Education Conference (IDEA) at the University of Paris. A year later, she received the Rudolf Steiner scholarship on Curative Education and Social Therapy in Pennsylvania, USA. After moving to Dublin, she continued her education and graduated with distinction of Nursing Studies and Expressive Art Therapy at the Institute of Personal and Professional Development and the College of Progressive Education, respectively.

With her experience in the field of arts and the academe, Tina never forgot to give back. She also has a proven track record in public service. Tina has worked with the Constitutional Commission of 1987 as a technical research assistant to Commissioner Quesada. She was a Teacher-Trainee for the Resources for the Blind and a volunteer SPED Teacher at the Philippine General Hospital. She also authored the K-12 Special Program in the Arts (SPA) curriculum for the Department of Education to be used nationwide by the teachers of SPA Theater Arts major. Most recently, she volunteered at the Philippine Consulate in Dublin and as one of the prime movers of Outreach Ireland.

Tina is currently working as a Carer in Dublin, a profession that has fulfilled her life-long dream to be a nurse, but her father encouraged her to be a teacher which was the path she took. She took Nursing Studies here in Ireland to qualify her for the job and thinking of pushing herself some more to specialize in Psychiatric Nursing given her background in SPED.

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